Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tak perlu ke denmark,penghina islam ada di sini


Congratulations,they make themselves a joke again,..they claimed themselves to be the leading light of mainstream mass media in Malaysia.REMEMBER THE ULTRAMAN CARTOON?.When the world express their grief and sadness towards the victim of Japan tsunami ,.. they come out with attention grabbing cartoon that invites mock and disgust by the international community, i wonder what runs in their mind.It's like telling the world ,.."we Malaysians were not courteous and we did not care about other people feelings."
Every article that published in the newspaper talks about on the importance of human rights to express their thought ,..but if this "cartoon of the week  :kekeliruan kes rogol",.. were to symbolize the freedom of expressing thoughts .That is way too pushing it.

1.They did not take the opinions of the ulama' prior of publishing the said cartoon
2.They did not consider the feeling of muslim
3.There's something fishy here , .. i've been linking this incident with the incident  of "khutbah jumaat menceritakan hukum qazaf".Clearly political,to gain political mileage this group of people tarnish the image of a religion.Oh ,wait,..they did not care!.

Personally, i agree on the action of the government of selangor to give out khutbah jumaat that talks about "hukum qazaf", educates the general public about what is right and what is wrong in Islam.Why you cannot accuse a person of committing adultery unless you produce 4 eligible a'dil witness.Well ,me myself not really a  pious person,..i admit i commit sins.
On the concept of qazaf ,..guys i dont want to elaborate it here ,that is not the topic ,..but if you want to enquire about it,.. go find yourself an ustaz.
Such a sad situation to see the community were divided by the dirty hand that use religion and race as their political agenda,"kalau dah sama sama melayu islam kenapa nak pecah belahkan ?,i'd say.

So people,especially the muslims, the case first ,.. evaluate and then make yoursef heard in the next g.e,every single day i pray to the good that someday he will send a man that walk the righteous path and preach in the name of god. Incorruptible by greed and earthly need,leading the people back in the path of iman.

kepada surat khabar ini terima kasih ,..anda semua merupakan satu penghinaan kepada umat islam dan orng melayu ,..ia menunjukkan betapa gopohnya ,bodohnya anda menyiarkan kartun ini sebagai satu cara memenangkan golongan tertentu .
Makin banyak fitnah,..mungkin itu bala kepada kita yang mengabai agama kita.
tak perlu ke denmark mahupun holland si penghina islam ada di malaysia.
Sebagai seorang kartunis saya rasa malu.

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