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ulasan ahmad abdullah tentang mesej VC UiTM dan BERSIH 2.0

UiTM students, please heed this fatherly message — Ahmad Abdullah

June 23, 2011
JUNE 23 — This is the message that was given by the current vice-chancellor of UiTM on his Facebook page (Datuk Prof Ir Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar) to the UiTM students in view of the planned Bersih 2.0 demonstration:
“Saya ingin beri nasihat kpd anak2 sekalian.JANGAN TERLIBAT DALAM SEBARANG PERHIMPUNAN. Anasir2 ingin merosakan negara kira. Ini negara kita. Ini Tanah persekutuan Tanah Melayu. Mereka hendakan negara kita hancur supaya Melayu hancur. Jangan cepat pengaruh dgn org manis mulut utk merosak org Melayu. Perhimpunan yg dirancangkan akan membawa hancuran negara Tanah Melayu. JANGAN MELAYU LAWAN MELAYU. Awas anak sekalian.”
Firstly, “jangan terlibat dalam sebarang perhimpunan”. The message here is that the students should avoid any public demonstrations. Not only that this message seeks to severely stunt the democratic spirit of the students, this message has also directly or indirectly ignored the objectives of the planned Bersih 2.0 demonstration. For those who have not read the objectives or are incapable of comprehension, these are the objectives of the said demonstration:
1. clean the electoral roll (because there are A LOT of dubious names registered on the electoral roll, giving rise to the wonderful and uniquely Malaysian phenomenon of “phantom voters”)
2. reform the postal ballot (because the use of postal ballots is fraught with transparency issues in which any superior officer could simply order his subordinates to vote for one particular party)
3. use of indelible ink (to safeguard the electoral process from “phantom voters”, and something that had actually been planned by the government in the 2008 elections but discarded at the 11th hour)
4. minimum 21 days campaign period (to give a fair chance to every candidate , and that the opportunity to canvass and campaign for votes should be fairly shared by ALL candidates)
5. free and fair access to the media (that RTM should not be used as a tool by the BN candidates, since it is paid by taxpayers, regardless of political affiliations)
6. strengthen public institutions (there have been MANY PROVEN reports of the sorry state of our public institutions, such as the police force, the prosecution department being used as tools by the ruling elite)
7. stop corruption (is there any sane person here who still believe that corruption is not a serious problem in Malaysia, or that the MACC has done a damned good job????)
8. stop dirty politics (from gerrymandering, to the import of phantom voters, to the intimidation and violence perpetrated on candidates of the opposition, can we hold our heads high and believe that the system is clean? Ironically, this country proclaims Islam as its religion)
So, there you go, those are the demands in the Bersih demonstration. Now, only an idiot would take issue with any of these demands. Question, is the current vice-chancellor of UiTM an idiot? I thought as a professor (assuming that he had obtained his professorship bona fide as opposed to the custom of ampu/bodek in the local varsities) , he would have acknowledged the nature and entitlements in the democratic process. That it is not enough to simply just go out and vote. That the citizens’ right to participate in the affairs of the country does not stop after exercising their right to vote.
Since most of the students are registered or potential voters, why must their right to participate in the democratic process be stunted? Or does the V-C paternalistically think that political activities would be too taxing on the students, and therefore it is better for them to be involved in lightweight activities such as sports and singing? 
If so, then the V-C would not be the only one to make such an erroneous assumption, especially after one notices that the activities during the One Million Youth Gathering in Putrajaya recently were of the same mould. The V-C needs to be informed that not all students in UiTM would enjoy attending the SimpliSiti concert (scheduled at UiTM Shah Alam on July 9) since there are students who enjoy different interests such as national politics.
Secondly, “Anasir2 ingin merosakan negara kira”. On the nature of public demonstrations, even UiTM has had its share of it when on August 12, 2008 a massive crowd of UiTM Shah Alam students marched to the Selangor State SUK building to protest against the mentri besar. 
Yet, until today no action has been taken against any one of the protesters. Funnily enough, someone had inquired on the V-C’s Facebook whether the students would be allowed to participate in the demonstration if it is about defending UiTM from opening its door to the non-Bumiputeras. 
Up to the time of this writing, it went unanswered and unacknowledged. Since the current V-C is probably trying to show that he is as Malay or probably even more Malay than the previous disastrous V-C, one must remind him of the massive demonstration that the Malays had in protesting against the Malay Sultans’ agreement to the creation of the Malayan Union in the 1940s, thus proving that demonstrations have been used by the Malays to demand for the good things in life.
Thirdly, “Ini Tanah persekutuan Tanah Melayu”. This was followed later with “...membawa hancuran negara Tanah Melayu”. Maybe the V-C is too caught up or probably is enamoured by the wisdom/reputation of the learned Perkasa self-proclaimed historian, Prof Dr Ramlah Adam, who, having left University Malaya and the Mara College in Malacca, has been taken in as a professor in UiTM. 
But that is certainly not an excuse to feign ignorance that the Persekutuan Tanah Melayu does not exist any longer. Any primary school student would be able to tell him that we are now in Persekutuan Malaysia. Or is this subconsciously a message that the peninsula only views Sabah and Sarawak as “tanah jajahan” (colonies)? 
When one of his Facebook fan club members admonished him to use “Malaysia” instead of “Tanah Melayu”, the V-C replied “dont worry. I dont mean that way. Its just for the present issue only. Dont be sensitive. Im for all”. 
With due respect, the issue concerning elections tainted with irregularities is not only relevant for the peninsula. In fact, the elections that had been carried out in Sabah and Sarawak were also tainted with irregularities, the famous one being the High Court judge in an election petition case in Sabah who complained that he had been ordered to decide in a specific way by his superiors. 
Of course, having just seen the unbelievable abuses of power during the recent state election in Sarawak recently, a reasonable person would have concluded that it is also a problem in Sarawak.
Fourthly, “JANGAN MELAYU LAWAN MELAYU”. Does this mean that all Malays are duty bound to just accept and follow blindly any directives/policies made by their (Malay) leaders? Clearly, this is premised upon the presumption that the Malay leaders are perfect, hence to go against them would be treasonous behaviour. 
I would have thought that this feudal mindset has no place in this modern and democratic world in which the leaders must always be answerable to the people whom they lead. It is strange that in the midst of plans and policies to train local university students to become better than what they are now, you have a V-C who insists that the students must not fight for social change. It is even stranger that it had been just a few weeks ago that the deputy minister for higher education had commented that local university students are deficient in critical thinking. 
Probably the V-C is just trying to curry favour with the minister, whose views on students activism is at odds with his own deputy’s. But trying to protect your own position as a V-C at the expense of the development of the students, or to rephrase, using the students as a tool to maintain a grip on the V-C’s seat, is definitely an unethical and immoral thing to do, even haram for Muslims.  
Furthermore, it is unworthy for a vice-chancellor to pander to the politicians by perpetuating this siege mentality of “us” against “them” and trying to inculcate this retarded mentality among the students. It is and should be clear to all that there are some among the Malays themselves who are guilty of using the rhetoric of race in order to protect their own interest.
The V-C himself should be aware of countless examples in academia in which some Malay academicians, out of fear and envy, have striven to sabotage and cause the downfall of other Malay academicians. He himself has been accused of such things when he replaced the old V-C, Tan Sri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah.
I would advise the present V-C, Datuk Prof Ir Dr Sahol Hamid, to watch a snippet of the debate between Datuk Seri Saifuddin Abdullah and Tan Sri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah on the issue of whether university students should be allowed to take part in politics, which is easily obtained on Youtube.
This is important so as not to subject the UiTM community through another national humiliation regarding the quality (or lack thereof) of its top person.
* Ahmad bin Abdullah reads The Malaysian Insider.

Monday, June 20, 2011

cerita dr.M TAHUN 1989 buang bayi? bank bayi ? itu cerita lama.

.Hari ni takmaulah aku tulis entry yang mengkondem ,mengutuk mahupun memalukan mana mana pihak,.. setelah ditegur sapa oleh mereka meraka  yang menyarankan agar aku menukar cara penulisan blog aku yang berbaur  kecaman kecaman yang adakalanya di lihat tidak manis dan menyakitkanhati.

Baiklah ,..aku cuba jadi lebih neutral ,... sekadar menyampaikan apa yang aku rasa supaya dunia boleh tahu apa yang aku nampak,..kalau aku salah betulkan . :D

alrighty ,.. terus ke topik perbincangan yang ingin aku kongsikan dengan korang semua. Cerita yang di lihat cliche'd ,.. pembuangn bayi,.. cadangan adanya baby bank ni sebenarnya dah lama dah.Masa tunggu resit nak ambil dokumen tender kat bangunan SUK tadi aku tebaca majalah mastika tahun 1996,.. dalam tu ade artikel fasal Dr.Mcerita dia meninggalkan Umno kejap ,masa tu tahun 88-89, diatuis malay dilemma yan akhirnya di haramkan, masa tu DR.m berjuang meningatkan orang melayu yang dicengkam kemiskinan dan sistem ekonomi malaysia masa tu tak membantu  orang melayu.Masa tu dr.M jadi ahli olitik bebas,sekejap sebelum dia balik UMNO ,..dan dia ada bagi ceramah PAScmasa tu.Terkejut jugak aku masa tu, well i've never thought that PAS archrival DR.M akan berucap dalam perhimpunan PAS.I thought i've seen everything,apparently not. Ok ,enough with DR.m as now he will be remembered as the person who almost single handedly saving malaysia from the financial crisis back in 98and being the p.m with the longest period of service.

Matika 96,.. ada cerita tentang mayat baby yang dibuang di reban ayam.Masa tu ada seorang doktor di temuramah dan ditanya tentang isu tu,katanya perlu ada fasiliti untuk mereka yang terlanjur, supaya nanti ada tempat untuk bayi bayi malang tu.Itu cerita dari tahun 96 masa tu aku masih sekolah rendah lai, sekarang dah 2011 ,.. dah 15 tahun ,masalah buang masih ada dan semakin teruk .. di mana penyeleseaiannya ?

Siapa lai yang boleh dipersalahkan kalau bukan diri sendiri?... tengoklah dekat sekeliling kau orang semua ,.. suasananya macam mana,..kalau islami dan aman ,..alhamdulillah ,.. tapi kalau di sanjungnya hedonisme.Macam mana?
Ya,.. sebenarnya segalanya bermula dari suasana ,.. kalau baik,bagus suasana dan persekitaran maka baiklah isinya. Kalau buruk ,suasana penuh kezaliman,lahirnya nanti pemimpin yang zalim. ku tak mahu sentuh isu ini sebagai isu politik,tapi sebagai satu persoalan sejagat yang prelu di hadapi bersama. "TUHAN TAK AKAN UBAH NASIB SESUATU KAUM,SEHINGGA MEREKA UBAH NASIB (UBAH DIRI MENJADI BAIK )MEREKA SENDIRI .."

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trick macamne x nak kena block

Aku tau ramai dah tahu,tujuan aku menerbitkan artikel ini sebagai guideline untuk mereka mereka yang tak tau,..
lepas kerajaan terchenta blok filehosters tu semua,melepasla korang nak donload citer korealah ,...nora elena lah hai macam macam.Meh sini aku ajar korang

1.memula masuk control panel
2.masuk network sharing center
3.klik connections
4.klik properties
5.masuk internet protocol ipv4
6.pastu pilih "use the following DNS server adresses"
guna no ni ngan google nye dns ngan itu korang leh slamberberukmendonload tanpe gangguan

tak perlu ke denmark,penghina islam ada di sini


Congratulations,they make themselves a joke again,..they claimed themselves to be the leading light of mainstream mass media in Malaysia.REMEMBER THE ULTRAMAN CARTOON?.When the world express their grief and sadness towards the victim of Japan tsunami ,.. they come out with attention grabbing cartoon that invites mock and disgust by the international community, i wonder what runs in their mind.It's like telling the world ,.."we Malaysians were not courteous and we did not care about other people feelings."
Every article that published in the newspaper talks about on the importance of human rights to express their thought ,..but if this "cartoon of the week  :kekeliruan kes rogol",.. were to symbolize the freedom of expressing thoughts .That is way too pushing it.

1.They did not take the opinions of the ulama' prior of publishing the said cartoon
2.They did not consider the feeling of muslim
3.There's something fishy here , .. i've been linking this incident with the incident  of "khutbah jumaat menceritakan hukum qazaf".Clearly political,to gain political mileage this group of people tarnish the image of a religion.Oh ,wait,..they did not care!.

Personally, i agree on the action of the government of selangor to give out khutbah jumaat that talks about "hukum qazaf", educates the general public about what is right and what is wrong in Islam.Why you cannot accuse a person of committing adultery unless you produce 4 eligible a'dil witness.Well ,me myself not really a  pious person,..i admit i commit sins.
On the concept of qazaf ,..guys i dont want to elaborate it here ,that is not the topic ,..but if you want to enquire about it,.. go find yourself an ustaz.
Such a sad situation to see the community were divided by the dirty hand that use religion and race as their political agenda,"kalau dah sama sama melayu islam kenapa nak pecah belahkan ?,i'd say.

So people,especially the muslims, the case first ,.. evaluate and then make yoursef heard in the next g.e,every single day i pray to the good that someday he will send a man that walk the righteous path and preach in the name of god. Incorruptible by greed and earthly need,leading the people back in the path of iman.

kepada surat khabar ini terima kasih ,..anda semua merupakan satu penghinaan kepada umat islam dan orng melayu ,..ia menunjukkan betapa gopohnya ,bodohnya anda menyiarkan kartun ini sebagai satu cara memenangkan golongan tertentu .
Makin banyak fitnah,..mungkin itu bala kepada kita yang mengabai agama kita.
tak perlu ke denmark mahupun holland si penghina islam ada di malaysia.
Sebagai seorang kartunis saya rasa malu.

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korupsi.muka 1

  Satu bilik usang dipenuhi  artikel artikel akhbar,.. ada peta malaya tergantung di dinding. Benang -benang merah berselirat di atas peta malaya yang penuh dengan gambar tokoh terkemuka.Bilik berbau pengap itu di huni empat lelaki , seorang bertubuh tinggi sasa, mukanya bengis,..matanya bagai manusia tidak pernah kenal apa itu keamanan.Tangannya penuh tattoo. "where is my payment?",.. dia bercakap dalam bahasa inggeris berdialek rusia. ,telefonnya digenggam keras."I want my money,now!"..makin keras suaranya,"ostanovitʹ yego Boris", (" sudah berhenti ,Boris"). Sampuk seorang lelaki bertubuh kecil tetapi tegap ,.. dia sedang sibuk memerhati live-feed rakaman video sekuriti bank.  "Vy ne poluchaeshʹ " (kau takkan dapat apa apa),.. "My zhdem Olʹga" (kita tunggu Olga) ,...

Sementara itu ,di Menara Citibank di jalan Ampang seorang wanita kulit putih berjalan masuk ke dalam pejabat,.. di tangannya tergenggam kemas sebatang pen.Perlahan gerak langkahnya ,.berjalan menuju ke kaunter  pertanyaan.. dia memakai pakaian formal dengan menggayakan sepasang kacak mata hitam pelengkap gaya gadis ayu kelahiran kota Ufa ini.Sesekali dia mengerling nakal ke arah pengawal yang sedari tadi terpukau akan kecantikannya."Excuse me,i have an appointment with Mr.Razak,can i meet him in his office?",..kemas sebutannya ,tidak seperti Boris gadis ini bijak meniru loghat orang inggeris."Excuse ma'am may i know your name please"?, tanya pegawai di kaunter ." Jennifer Atkins",.. jawabnya ,..sesekali dia melihat ke arah jam tangannya.Please follow me ma'am i lead you to his office,gadis Rusia ini berjalan ke arah lif bersama sama dengan pegawai .

"Olga!,it can't be,.. i killed you in bank Kamchatka", bagai ternampak hantu Razak.Di hadapannya perempuan yang dulu pernah di'bunuhnya' .Razak gelisah,bingung,takut denga apa yang di hadapinya.Olga yang sedari tadi kaku di hadapan Razak,mengenggam pen dan mengilas tangan Razak,lelaki itu cuba melawan....tetapi gadis itu nyata lebih pantas.Mata pena ,..punya jarum halus tak kelihatan menusuk leher Razak,..lelaki itu tidak seperkasa dan sepantas seperti dulu.Pandangannya kabur ,badannya panas,...terus dia rebah ke lantai
"Blagodaryu vas, .. ya izvinyayusʹ Razak" (terima kasih,.. maaf Razak). Olga meninggalkan Razak yang sudah terbujur kaku di lantai,di pintu pejabat mayat pegawai kaunter kejur ,ada kesan lebam di lehernya.Olga mengambil pas sekuriti pegawai tersebut,dia menghubungi rakannya Antonov, lelaki yang mengawasinya sedari mula dia melangkah masuk ke premis tersebut.
"Razak mertv",(Razak dah mati".)  katanya perlahan.
Dengan pantas dia meninggalkan dua mayat malang itu, Olga terus berlari ke tingkap ,.. di dalam genggamannya ada bebuli.Bebuli di lontar kerass ke arah tingkap.Dam!! bebuli meletup , tingkap pecah.
Di bawah menara orang ramai terkejut melihat asap keluar dari menara,......tambah hairan mereka melihat orang berpayung terjun keluar dari tingkap yang pecah itu.

{tamat page 1-korupsi}

People make mistakes and some of them could be very costly. Some knew of the consequences but still the sex pleasures overrule everything. Many don’t really care because it was the public money. Some tried to cover their mistake but it got worsen and the hole got bigger. And of course some thought things can’t get so bad especially when you have unlimited control of nation’s coffers. But mistakes are unpredictable.
1)   Tiger Woods Sex Affairs
World golfers and the public were shocked by Tiger Woods’s exposure in extramarital affairs at the end of 2009. It was not one, not two but with up to ten sex partners while Tiger Woods was still married to Elin Nordegren. At one time Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren was reportedly to have hammered out a blockbuster divorce settlement that will net the ex-model $750 million, which translates to three-fourths of the golfer’s known $1 billion fortune.
Tiger Woods Elin Nordegren Divorce
Divorce Settlement in 2010: US$110 million. However indirect losses ranges from US$5 billion to US$12 billion in collective sponsorship from Nike, Gatorade, Gillete, Accenture etc.
2)   Elderly woman’s hubby threw away lottery ticket
An elderly woman in central England said she thinks she may have had the winning Euromillions lottery ticket worth €129 million (US$181 million) – before her husband threw it away. Apparently she played the Euromillions and Thunderball lottery every week. Her husband however has the habit of taking her tickets away and never return it so she always write the numbers down.
After the ticket remained unclaimed for over a week, she checked her notepad and found the winning numbers – 09, 30, 35, 39, 46, and the Lucky Star numbers were 06 and 08.
3)   Faulty equipment causes  stealth bomber crash
An Air Force B-2 Stealth Bomber, U.S.’s most expensive jet, abruptly pitched up, rolled and yawn to the left before plunging to the ground at Andersen Air Force Base on the island of Guam. Apparently water distorted preflight readings in three of the plane’s 24 because the correct technique to evaporate moisture wasn’t applied, causing the plane to a stall and crash thereafter.
B-2 Stealth Bomber Crash
Loss in 2008: US$1.4 billion. Although the crew was able to safely eject, it was indeed a very expensive accident.
4) Rupert Mudoch’s Affair with Wendi Deng
After 32 years of marriage, Rupert and Anna Murdoch called it quits in 1999. But barely 17-days after the divorce was finalized in June 1999, the big boss of News Corp. media empire married 30-year-old Chinese-born Wendi Deng. Three years after their divorce, Anna broke her silence and claimed Rupert ruined the marriage by having an affair with his then-translator Deng.
Rupert Anna Murdoch Divorce
Rupert Murdoch Wendy Deng
Rupert Murdoch denied there was an affair between him and Wendi but the divorce settlement costs him a whopping US$1.7 billion.

5)   Nuclear Meltdown at Three Mile Island due to Faulty Equipment
The Three Mile Island accident was a core meltdown in Unit 2, an accident that began on Mar 1979 with failures in the non-nuclear secondary system. The main feedwater pumps stopped running, caused by either a mechanical or electrical failure, which prevented the steam generators from removing heat. The mechanical failures were compounded by the initial failure of plant operators to recognize the situation as a loss-of-coolant-accident due to inadequate training and human factors.
Three Mile Island Disaster
Loss in 1979: US$836.9 million. Three Mile Island was the America’s worst nuclear accident although it didn’t cause any death.
6)   Mr Copper Hamanaka corners copper market
Yasuo Hamanaka, popularly known as Mr Five Percent or Mr Copper, used Japanese trading company Sumitomo’s size and large cash reserves to both corner and squeeze (up to 5% of world’s traded copper) the market via the London Metal Exchange (LME), kept copper price artificially high for nearly a decade leading up to 1995. Hamanaka profited from the sale of Sumitomo’s physical coppers as well as commission on other copper transaction he handled.
Yasuo Hamanaka Mr Copper
The commodiies market changed in 1995, thanks to resurgence of mining in China. Increase supply caused a correction in copper prices and Hamanaka couldn’t fight the force of the market. Eventually Sumitomo reported a loss of US$1.8 billion on June 1996 in unauthorized copper trading by Hamanaka. By Sept 1996, Sumitomo disclosed losses of up to US$2.6 billion. Hamanaka was sentenced to seven years of jail.
7)   Space Shuttle Challenger explosion during liftoff
In Jan 1986, Space Shutte Challenger exploded after 73 seconds into its flight and all its seven crew members onboard died. Apparently the spacecraft disintegrated over the Atlantic ocean after an O-ring seal in its right solid rocket boosted failed at liftoff. The O-ring failure caused a breach in the SRB joint it sealed, allowing pressurized hot gas from within the solid rocket motor to reach the outside and impinge upon the adjacent SRB attachment hardware and external fuel tank.
Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion
Cost of replacing Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986: US$2 billion

8)   Columbia crash during re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere
The disaster happened when space shuttle Columbia disintegrated over Texas during re-entry into the Earth’s atmospherein 2003, killing instantly all its seven crew members. The loss of Columbia was a result of damage sustained during launch when a piece of foam insulation the size of a small briefcase broke off from the space shuttle external tank. The debris struck the leading edge of the left wing, damaging the Shuttle’s thermal protection system (TPS), which shields it from heat generated with the atmosphere during re-entry.
Space Shuttle Columbia
Some engineers suspected damage, but NASAmanagers limited the investigation, on the grounds that little could be done even if problems were found. The lost in 2003: US$13 billion.

9)   TEPCO ignore warnings Fukushima nuclear plant can’t withstand tsunami
Despite IEAE’s warning in Dec 2008 that a strong earthquakes would pose a serious problem to nuclear power plants, Japan authorities didn’t react to it. The Japanese government even overturn a court order to shutdown reactor that was vulnerable to earthquake. Worst still, TEPCO went to the extent of recycling nuclear fuel to maximize profits.
Fukushima Nuclear Reactors Disaster
After the tsunami hit Japan and caused havoc to the Fukushima nuclear plant, operator TEPCO said the cost of the disaster would be around US$12 billion.
10)   Malaysia’s failed bet in forex speculation
In the year 1992 – 1994 under Mahathir’s administration, Malaysia’s Central Bank was actively speculating foreign exchange. It was a known fact that the Central Bank was the biggest player in the forex. George Soros is known as “the Man Who Broke the Bank of England” after he made a reported $1 billion during the 1992 UK currency crisis. He bet Bank of England would not support the pound participation in the European Exchange Rate Mechanism indefinitely by jacking up interest rates in an economy already in recession. Malaysia’s Central Bank bet otherwise.
Mahathir Soros
Despite the huge losses which occurred between 1992 and 1994, Nor Yakcop (was then the head of forex trading) together with his partners – the late Bank Negara (Central Bank) governor Jaffar Hussein and former Finance Minister Daim Zainuddin, no action was taken against either one of them. Total estimated losses: US$10 billion (RM30 billion)

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siri bercakap dengan ane

ya... hari ni adalah episod 'pilot' siri bercakap dengan ane,kalau tinggi rating nya insya allah aku novelkan hahaha.

Ketika aku sampai di restoran ane.Aku ter'tonton' buletin utama lah ,pada waktu itu pukul 8 , tersiar la segala mcam inti sari berita yang akan di hebahkan  kepada khlayak umum.Lagi sekali projek juta - juta akan di lancarkan.Entah kenapa bererau darah aku tengok berita sebegitu."AH!,..bangsat kau,rakyat kerja bagai nak mati ,kau buat projek juta jut kalau manafaat nya tersebar dengan adil tak apalah.,siapa kontraktornya,siapa konsultannya berapa bajetnya siapa benefactornya kompeni mana yang pegang ,..semua aku terbayang macam vision dalam cerita 'heroes'.Di hujung vision tu, aku nampak orang2 tua yang tak cukup makan tinggal kat setingan lepas kena halau dengan pembandaran.

Teringat pulak aku bil elektrik yang macam haram mahalnya ,.ya aku tau habit aku mendownload.Dulu...sekarang tidak lagi,internet dari TMnet memang cibai,bayar mahal putus-putus ,nak download? kirim salam.Hari hari main bangsat dengan aku.Aku pon pergi la ane kat kaunter merangkap bos restoren tu,ini tempat bil letrik berapa,aku bertanya ala pierce brosnan kepada ane tersebut."MAHAL".pendek je dia jawab.aku tanya lagi,"dulu masa itu letrik belum naik,ini tempat biasa lu bayar berapa?". "O,.. biasa enam ribu,sekarang sudah naik 7 ribu" ..tuu dia ,patutla makin mahal secawan teh tarik,kopak juga ane ni nak function kalau tak mark up sikit harge makanan yang dia jual.

Aku tengok tv,makin sakit hati,aku makan,sambil aku makan....dia tanya "apa pasal itu orang kecoh kecoh,apa hal?"
"OO,.. itu Bersih,... aku kata
aku pon cerita la ,amende bersih tu kat ane tu,malas aku nak story secara detail sebab aku sekarang tengah bizi repair laptop budak opis aku.
"ooo,..politik pon ada itu macam ka?"
"tu la, kat malaysia ,they don't know how to play fair" aku cakap ,.. aku pon story kat ane tu tenatang negara2 macam turki dan jepun yang lebih terbuka sistem politik diorang,.. mane ade monopoli2 ni beb.Rakyat tak nak kat kau,kau berundur dengan terhormat,kau gagal laksana tugas,berundur degan terhormat.Jepun beb Bushido code.

okla,.samapi di sini dulu siri bercakap dengan ane,chiaow.!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

warkah seorang pornstar

ape ape pon korang jangan label aku low-life sex addict ,..ok ,ini adalah penulisan dan aku menyokong anti-pornografi!-penulis

korang jangan buat tak kenalsapa ni,ihsan gugle

Akmal (bukan nama sebenar) menonton filem blue di dalam biliknya , terdengar perlahan bunyi nafasnya mendengus menonton gadis diperlaku seperti itu oleh lelaki ......... makin perempuan itu mengerang makin buas nafsu akmal,akhirnya dia tewas dengan bujukan liar nafsunya terus dia berlari kerumah jirannya Ana.Ana yang baru usai mandi diterkam diperkosa rakus...Ana melawan,,apalah dayanya cuma seorang gadis kecil melawan Akmal yang jauh lebih kuat.

Keesokan harinya polis menemui tubuh Ana yang tanpa seurat benang dengan lehernya dikelar dan di balkoni mayat Akmal terbujur kaku dengan leher terjerut ...di tangannya yang kejur ada nota , "maafkan saya".

Anita seorang pakar psikologi membuat analisis dan menyimpulkan yang pornografi boleh memebuatkan pelaku seks menjadi agresif .........dalam kajiannya dia menemui satu warkah dari seorang pelakon porno bernama Shelly.

The Truth Behind the Fantasy of Porn


Shelley Lubben, Former Porn Actress

Dedicated to all the porn actresses who caught HIV, died from drug overdose and committed suicide.

Sex-packed porn films featuring freshly-dyed blondes whose evocative eyes say "I want you" is quite possibly one of the greatest deceptions of all time. Trust me, I know. I did it all the time and I did it for the lust of power and the love of money. I never liked sex. I never wanted sex, and in fact I was more apt to spend time with Jack Daniels than some of the studs I was paid to "fake it" with. That's right, none of us freshly-dyed blondes like doing porn. In fact, we hate it. We hate being touched by strangers who care nothing about us. We hate being degraded with their foul smells and sweaty bodies. Some women hate it so much they can be heard vomiting in the bathroom between scenes. Others can be found outside smoking an endless chain of Marlboro lights…

But the porn industry wants YOU to think we porn actresses love sex. They want you to think we enjoy being degraded by all kinds of repulsive acts. The truth, porn actresses have showed up on the set not knowing about certain requirements and were told by porn producers to do it or leave without being paid. Work or never work again. Yes, we made the choice. Some of us needed the money. But we were manipulated and coerced and even threatened. Some of us caught HIV as a result of that coercion. I personally caught Herpes, a non-curable sexually transmitted disease. Another porn actress went home after a long night of numbing her pain and put a pistol to her head and pulled the trigger. Now she's dead.

It's safe to say most women who turn to porn acting as a money-making enterprise, probably didn't grow up in healthy childhoods either. Indeed, many actresses admit they've experienced sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse and neglect by parents. Some were raped by relatives and molested by neighbors. When we were little girls we wanted to play with dollies and be mommies, not have big scary men get on top of us. So we were taught at a young age that sex made us valuable. The same horrible violations we experienced then, we relive as we perform our tricks in front of the camera. And we hate every minute of it. We're traumatized little girls living on anti-depressants, drugs and alcohol acting out our pain in front of you who continue to abuse us.

As we continue to traumatize ourselves by making more adult films, we use more and more drugs and alcohol. We live in constant fear of catching AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. Every time there's an HIV scare we race to the nearest clinic for an emergency checkup. Pornographers insist on giving viewers the fantasy sex they demand all the while sacrificing the very ones who make it happen. In other words, no condoms allowed. Herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, and other diseases are the normal anxieties we walk around with daily. We get tested monthly but we know testing isn't prevention. Besides worrying about catching diseases from porn sex, there are other harmful activities we engage in that are also very dangerous. Some of us have had physical tearing and damage to internal body parts.

When porn actresses call it a day and head home we attempt to have normal healthy relationships, but some of our boyfriends get jealous and physically abuse us. So instead we marry our porn directors, while others prefer lesbian relationships. It's a real memory making moment when our daughter accidentally walks out and sees mommy kissing another girl. My daughter will vouch for that one.

On our days off we walk around like zombies with a beer in one hand and a shot of whiskey in the other. We aren't up to cleaning so we live in filth most of the time, or we hire a sweet foreign lady to come in and clean up our mess. Porn actresses aren't the best cooks either. Ordering in is normal for us and most of the time we throw up after we eat because we're bulimic.

For porn actresses who have children, we are the world's worst mothers. We yell and scream and hit our kids for no reason. Most of the time we are intoxicated or high, and our four year olds are the ones picking us up off the floor. When clients come over for sex, we lock our children in their rooms and tell them to be quiet. I used to give my daughter a beeper and tell her to wait at the park until I was finished.

The truth is there is no fantasy in porn. It's all a lie. A closer look into the scenes of a porn star's life will show you a movie that the porn industry doesn't want you to see. The real truth is we porn actresses want to end the shame and trauma of our lives but we can't do it alone. We need you men to fight for our freedom and give us back our honor. We need you to hold us in your strong arms while we sob tears over our deep wounds and begin to heal. We want you throw out our movies and help piece together the shattered fragments of our lives. We need you to pray for us so God will hear and repair our ruined lives.

So don't believe the lie anymore. Porn is nothing more than fake sex and lies on videotape. Trust me, I know.

Anita menulis satu artikel pendek mengenai kes ini yang turut menari minat pakar psikologi dan kriminologi seantero dunia.

OKlah puas baca? cerita Akmal,Ana dan Anita itu sekadar rekaan imaginasi aku,tapi kisah Shelly itu benar,
Ianya membuka mata aku yang melihat realiti di sebalik fantasi liar para lelaki jongos kaki video blue. Pornstar mereka jua manusia,kalau boleh mereka mahu keluar dari kerja hina macamtu.KAPITALIS beb dunia ni, ........
kenapa kapitalis,well..most of the light district industry in this world run by powerful people, shady figure pumping billions of money into the economy,pornstars,actors ,wore,hookers whatever they are called were constantly manipulated to meet the ever growing demand for pornography and sexual service. 

Jadi setiap kali korang nak tengok blue lah kan bhai,cuba kau bayangkan yang perempuan tu adik beradik kau ,mak kau kena manipulate dengan lelaki yang cuma mahukan duit dari orang perangai bangsat macam kau yang tengok,beli cerita blue ,.. sewa hote ,..ajak awek buat projek ........ pastu buang bayi.

Bagi mereka yang bukan pelaku angkara bangsat ni janganlah terasa ok.