Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Geek:Your password,Is it secure......enough?

Password, the only thing that protect the curious eyes from your private archive of information and media . Be it , your bank statements, mediocre exam results or some unsavory pictures and explicit videos that you foolishly made with your missus .All of it secured by the ever so reliable man made system.

And with all due respect to engineers and experts that design and develop such system, all system can be hacked, all system possess its vulnerabilities.

Bang hard enough and it will eventually break open.

Right , before I elaborated on the system by mistake , let me drag you back to the topic that we actually discussing, on the word password.

We use it on a daily basis , and as far as the history recorded password is as old as civilization itself. We human used password even before the first ever computer were invented . During the world war II in the pacific theatre of war, the Allies used watchword that is hard for the Japanese to pronounce , 400  B.C ,Demosthenes crippled the Greeks by imposing as their allies.At night as the forces of the Syracuseans led by Demosthenes were scattered across the battlefield and to recognize friend from foe they developed a method of using watchword.They created a watchword and pass it along their ranks,taking advantage to the confusion among the Greeks forces the Syracuseans posed as their allies and from there they kill the Greeks.Come morning , the Syracuseans calvary arrives and wipe away remaining Greeks forces.Sorry for the lengthy explanation.

Facebook, twitter and Myspace are not just a massive archive of saucy gossips , pictures of hot girls and cute kittens it is also a vault full of sensitive information.To the untrained eye a simple post on Facebook wall means nothing, for the expert and hackers on the other hand it contain information that they can work on in hacking your password.

How can you gain access to your dream girl facebook account you asked?
Use her email,as simple as that , all of our account from facebook to twitter link back to our email. A simple request for password reset and it will be the end. A good thing that some  of the website actually came up with a challenge of select question that is related to the owner of the account before resetting the password. Such as "what is the name of your pet ?",google however makes things easy, a search with the correct keyword and it is done.

For a good 5 minutes a Hacker can access your emails , 20 minutes later he'll be on your eBay and Paypal. A word to the wise , NEVER use the same password to every single account that you have.Remember no matter how unique or lengthy your password is , your account can still be hack. Armed with keyloggers and sniffers these group of hackers can easily obtain your information over ,say, an unsecured Wifi network.

Dude my password is secure enough .

Ah, one might argue  that his password is secure,pal that only works during the formative yeasr of the internet. Today , we all are hyper connected , our phones, our PC, our gaming console every single thing that can access the net are open to the risk of being hacked.

Yeah, what's the proof ? I need it

Simple , just google free account of any filehosters and you'll stumbled upon myriads of choices of passwords leaks and dumps .To make things a lot worse not just file hosters, porn too.I hope you guys think twice when you decided to share your facebook login password with the missus.
 Me , Joe fikrie ,signing off with a bang!catch you guys later

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