Thursday, November 29, 2012

Musings ,..UiTM :Bittersweet 4 years

Four years in UiTM and I have to leave it. It's been a roller coaster ride , full of ups and downs with the occasional pit stops.  Reflecting back at all the time i've spent there, I'd dare say most of it spent on learning the sacred knowledge of engineering . Truth be told I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer nor the biggest gun that packs strongest punch . .. I am the one who a little bit  slow in the class,.. I need to grasp the basic concept first, If it is too complex for me to process ,I would ask the esteemed lecturers to use analogy ,.. so that it will make me understand it better,

I guess my frequent flings with video games and movies destroyed me. Hell! , I can score a first class, or even an ANC !,but as the famous saying goes , "you reap what you sow"  ,.. now if only I commit more , push more, strive more .. if and that people a big IF. Oh now I had to face the music * roll eyes at the scroll with  Times New Roman in italic  *SECOND CLASS. Dry smile

Part of me thankful

I've learnt from the best , thank you to all my lecturers for all your guidance and your patience in handling us, some hot blooded hooligans who frequently tried to make you awesome people cancelled the class.

Part of me relieved
"Oh thank god I finished my studies",...

oh wait ......
now There's no more toyols  during the tests. What is toyol you asked ? well it's an artificial extension of  books and notes , it can be in any form , whether it is in written form or in form of pictures or in some cases artificial language . A kind of encrypted codes that only the perpetrator and his or her partner in crime can decode and understand it's content. I remember this one dude, he actually carved formulas on a transparent 50 cent a piece certain angle the carvings is practically invisible to the constantly prying exam invigilators!.Pretty nifty ' prosthetic brain ' isn't it?

Ah , who could forget college

The place where it filled with babes it makes my eyes wet, they walk around the campus carrying books and bags , smiling, giggling , the hijabsters will pose with their stylish tudungs , ..some of the girls are hot enough to be on the cover of a magazine. Thank god for that ☺.

As for the guys,

We fill our time with studying,........teet!,.. we play a lot,.....we watch football a lot,..... we talk bout useless topics ,......... and........ we procrastinate.......very unhealthy counter productive .I know

p.s :save the lecture later

Tapi bila masing masing GPA parah,.. mulalah study , diligently , day and night , we go out only for the occasional time out at the mamaks , rejuvenating our passion in supporting our faved football team be it , manchester united , arsenal or the great Selangor ..

Time flies so fast. ...... days turn to weeks , weeks turn to month,.. and 3 years had gone by , in a flash

The last two semester are killers for me personally, I had to repeat a subject that I've been poor in many aspect:The dreaded Advanced Electronic ,.. but learning it back from chapter numero uno I gained a lot.. and in Sem  7 ,..I got acquainted with this lovely lady with electric of a smile. Due to the confidential nature of such information,.. I can't state her name in my blog otherwise the safety of my life will be in jeopardy. Let's call her 'W' ,.. she's beautiful,.. tall ,.. she moves like a model ,.. she turns heads everywhere she goes, and I could swear even the most alim guy around will fall for her. But,.. what I like most about her is her smile ,.. it's a 13KV rated smile it could power a city and get the national grid going ..

BAD ANALOGY , I know! Hey this is my blog ,. suka hatilah haha!

Then there's the ever magnificent Prof Zaiki Awang and Dr. Uzer , for me these guys are malays made in U.K  . Their style is different . I 've learned a lot from these two . Albeit not scoring in their subjects,..sorry bad.I am lazy..In a sense , I've become more responsible , I want to work smarter.

Cometh the hour

The  final year project. A bundle of 'trouble' for the unprepared. A package that surely make everyone sleep less, stressed out and eventually breaks down.
I was assigned to built an antenna , not just any ordinary antenna ,a metamaterial antenna . What is metamaterial ? Well theoretically it can make stuff invisible . Yes invisible, but i don;t make those invisible cloak , I made an antenna. I WAS AN UPHILL TASK But my mates and I stand our ground and we make sure we finished it . Hoyeah! ..

- UiTM- Here lies the broken hopes and dreams of Nuzul Fikrie Bin Salam
-He left something in here ,and in his heart he yearns for it

- I might come back here, One day.Who knows right. ?

- Don't play games , a lot, never fall in love, cause it hurts, and respect your teacher.

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