Monday, August 8, 2011

whatever happened to respecting thing other releigion?

Pergh dah lame dah tak belek blog aku ni dah berhabuk.
ok now i use the formal tone.
Assalamualaikum to all muslim freinds and a very good eveningi hope you guys have a very great time today.
 I watched the news yesterday and the media  on a frenzy particularly on the 'raid on the church ' topic.I took a time to assert the situation held my breath and sighed. We living in a multicultural  society and it it best to avoid any racial or religious dispute. A part of me scorn the act of JAIS raiding the church a part of me pleased with it.
Surely there are reasons why they opt to do that .But i am questioning do the ends justify the means here. They claimed that the christians community , this case the church were trying to convert the muslims to christian. Such topic "the christian community were enticing the muslims to convert' is a very sensitive issue. and i trying my best not to cause unpleasant feelings to the netizen that is chritians. Surely there is a way ,a more subtle way to settle this problem.

Words on the street has it that the muslims that was invited into the church meetings were financially constrained ,they seek help from the government and religious department but to no avail.These desperate group of people were saved by the well church people,they were given food and money just so that they can live to see another day. It is such a sad sight to behold, the muslim community posses funds in form of zakat and bailtulmal, the purpose of zakat itself is to help the muslims in need and to educate the muslim community that is blessed with wealth that it is good to share.

I agrees with Dr Asri opinion on the way of the way of zakat is being distributed is somehow unfair, there are muslims that is financially constrained out there but unable to receive zakat .Eventhough they entitled to just because of birocracy issue.The pauper wailing for help but theit voice only fell to deaf ears, zakat collection each year willreach six figure but still there are people who live in a poor condition Whatever happen to the goal of zakat as a tool to bolster the muslim community economic growth,?

Saya tidak menyalahkan pihak baitulmal kerana mereka pastinya menjalankan tanggungjawab mereka dengan baik tetapi ada kalanya dalam beberapa perkara kita terlepas pandang.Hanya kerana sesuap nasi saudara seilam memilih untuk murtad.
Saya secara peribadinya berharap perkara ini akan ditangani dengan baik , semoga ramadan ini lebih baik dari sebelumnya dan saya meletakkan harapan yang tinggi agar pihak JAIS dapat membantu golongan yang malang ini.

Saya jua berharap tidak ada sengketa antara komuniti islam dan kristian, mereka perlu faham yang islam adalah agama rasmi dan ada peruntukan dalam undang udang secara ekslusif menghadkan pengembangan ajaran lain terhadap penganut islam ,e\mengapa perlu ada kekangan ,....? supaya tiada pergeseran antara komuniti yang mengamal agama islam dan agama lain, Assalamualikum

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