Monday, May 30, 2011

Definition of tiki taka by men in barca's strip

Lionel Messi: is the Barcelona and Argentina star the greatest-player ever?When men in white lost to the the little big-  men  of football ,my heart shattered to pieces.Being a true blue United fans (or in this case a true red) ,the loss almost makes me weep. They played great for the first ten minutes or so, but as the catalans got their rhythm and composure ,it's boys against men for United.Barcelona a fotballing masterclass .The red devils were outplayed in the midfield ,tackling and distribution were off.Michael Carric and Giggsy seems benumbed by the passing and movement.As for Park Ji-Sung ,well i admired you Jisung ,but you were left chasing shadows. The Napoleon of world football in the form of Xavi finds mercurial Pedro ,the spaniard with a wonderful pass across Nemanja Vidic finds his unmarked team mate ,and Pedro coolly pokes the ball into the back of the net.

But United came with a response 7 minutes later with a fine strike from my hero Wazza , with a brilliant 1-2 play with the evergreen Giggs who had a lacklustre night.I wonder if Imogen Thomas wears him in bed,(chuckles).As for the little pea , his industrious run were proven redundant by the resilient back four,rarely troubled  the lot dang!..good when in comes to stem the attacks by United.
Barcelona plays and toys with the stars of England as i watch my favored team Man United plays oh well,watched Barca' turn the penalty box into a small five a side pitch.  Mistakes by Van  der Sar and Vidic let two goals to slip past them. A genius combination of the attacking forces of barcelona comprises of Messi,Villa,Pedro Iniesta and Xavi rips apart United.
At long last ,the better team of the night wins,United were proven second best in world. I wonder if Fergie gotplan to shape up his team to go for another win at European stage and continue to dominate EPL.I certainly hope so.
The United played well,but they were against the best team in the world, they lose to the best,probably they'll learn a thing or two from the match .I wonder if United can go tiki taka like Barcelona,? .
Oi Fergie go sign Sneijder we'll need a new playmaker,.

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