Monday, March 24, 2014

MH370: Dark days for Malaysia.

First and foremost I would like to extend my deepest condolences to all affected family members ,friends and relatives of the family on board doomed aircraft Boeing 777-200 ,flight MH370 . Based on statement given by the Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak,the last known location of  the aircraft is somewhere in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

To be honest. I myself chose not to believe such news.Until I see the plain wreck myself. I  still want to believe the theory that the plane had been hijacked . Kept from the ever watchful eyes of the world.Everyone on board was safe and sound ,locked away in a black site.

God has His way of planning and doing things.

He tells us , that we human have limits. No matter how advanced the technology that we use. We still cannot find the plane in a timely manner.Almost all of resources available dedicated in pursuit of searching the aircraft. The Chinese and the US with their mighty fleet of ships and military aircraft. Malaysia , Indonesia , Vietnam and Japan with their assets and their personnel. Tirelessly searching for her. MH370.

Battle ships sailing the high seas , seamen and airmen braving the waves and stormy weather. Not to go to war , but to safe lives in the name of humanity.Maybe we human can pick a things or two about this one. Why do we need to create weapons to annihilate one another when we can share and spread the love?

We are weak when we are alone.We are stronger as a unit.

I don't know what going to happen tomorrow,. but it's going to be hard in the office. I sit next to Guan. She's on board  MH370. Everytime  I see her doing her work . I  said to myself ." Don't she ever get tired?" She work almost robot like. Dedicated,. attentive to details and clearly she loves her job.

That quality of her. that I personally want to emulate.

The doomed aircraft . Gives us a message , that in the times of need . Your friends. The one that care about you, will stand by you and help you. No matter the cost.


The attitude of some Malaysians and the people of the world disappoints me.

I am disappointed when some of us , make fun. Create puns about this tragedy? Do you ever have the capacity to show empathy? What if it's you brother, father or wife on board? .How would you react?What would you feel?


What if its was you who are on board.? Who you are piloting the aircraft? The state of the art aircraft , from almost everything automated. Avionics. Navigation. Electrical system . All gone. A big aircraft crippled and become a giant glider. You do not know where are you heading or how high is your altitude. Navigating the aircraft takes a lot of amount of effort,everyone on board panic.

And the world still have the cheek to demonise the two pilot.

They are heroes. Surely they did everything they can to save the life of the crews and passengers on board.

Al fatihah to all of the victims.

From God we came ., to Him  we will  return.

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