Saturday, April 28, 2012

Enemy of my enemy is my friend?

This post is not about Bersih 3.0 ,it;s about our country political scenario as a whole.I'll try my best to be as neutral as possible.Let me clarify my intention here is just to share m opinion.I am neither pro-government nor pro-opposition ,

Assalamualaikum fellow bloggers and cyber pedestrian ,what happen yesterday was perplexing. The aftermath of bersih 3 was almost the direct carbon copy of previous bersih . here's the mob ,then the police, people shouting strong words, barricades and then the Federal Reserve unit with armor and tear gas to control and disperse the mob.

The cartoon above is to give pictorial information on what exactly happening to our political system.There's the politician ,brokering out his deal with the rakyat .The politician be it from the ruling party or from the opposition will sweetened his deal with promises.The good will do his/her job, the bad will let the time flies and then he/she will decide whether to tun or not in the next G.E.

A somewhat cliche turn of events

If you guys ever read sources from mainstream media be it Utusan or Buletin utama, most of the news of course will praise our current government and of course the occasional mild attack on the opposition  .While the pro opposition media goes for tit for tat approach ,mildly demonising  the individuals from the opposing party.

Then ,there's the malay, the main group of races that actually run this lovely country.Now ,broken apart by political ideologies, will say I am racist if i were to continue writing on malays.Hey , i am a muslim first before i am a malay man, now i am trying my best to convey and relay the message to every single person in the cyber world.
Saddened and dejected by the current issues faces by my beloved fellow malays , I continue to observe my surroundings from a safe distance, away from the mob away from the occasionally sly politicians.

I call for peace, I propose cease of fire between all malay based political party,

This is what i  love to describe as the next millennium malay dilemma , not good enouh to work on their own, hating the system that actually help and feeds them. Now I wonder what and how it went wrong.Apparently DEB slowly but surely help the malays excel as there voices saying that only benefit the cronies.
Then another sources saying Malaysia growing up too fast both in economy and infrastructure but lacks the right state of mind to run it, this is SPOT ON .


It is time to put the right people on the right places, i am not saying we need to scrap the current system,NO.
I call for a gradual change,from the old ways that make this country cripple to the new one that will help us perservere in tough times and prosper.When there is will there always a way to accomplish it .

Whatever happen after this ,the decider will be PRU13, and 13 will be the dreaded number for some, luck bringing to others.Whomever will win , my pray is that there will be peace in this little piece of land called Malaysia

The burning question is now, do we need to create a common enemy for the malays? .Force them to unite ,love each other and fight this common enemy.The answer lies on people that run this country , it may seems like a part of dark conspiracy.That actually how the world being run by the powerful people.

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